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Driven by core principles…

Integrity. We compromise disputes, but never integrity, whether dealing with clients, government, adversaries, the courts, our employees, vendors, or others.

Diligence. The needs and problems of our clients take precedence over personal convenience. We provide 24-7 service to our clients, no matter what. Without sacrificing this commitment, our flexible staffing facilitates the needs of our attorneys and other legal professionals to serve and enjoy their families. The personal and professional fulfillment we experience shows in the diligence, creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication we provide to our clients.

Value. Our continued employment by our clients is dependent on providing added value in all of our endeavors. While we may bill by the hour, our standard is to provide value that exceeds the amount we charge.

Responsiveness. We are committed to responding promptly to communications from clients and others. You can count on us to get back to you quickly.

Power of Questions. The intellectual rigor we bring to the practice of law is founded on the questions we ask ourselves and others: What could go wrong here? What are the underlying, perhaps unspoken assumptions and are they correct? What key issues have not been considered? What could be true of what I am hearing that I have not thought of? What’s really important here? How can a solution be reached that meets the needs of all stakeholders? What should you have asked for rather than what you actually did ask for? We find that questions such as these get to the heart of any problem and are therefore most likely to solve it efficiently and effectively.

Organization. The firm strives for a level of organization of documents, communications, and information that saves time and money and leads more quickly to prompt and effective solutions. To achieve this organization, we utilize technologies that facilitate the storage and retrieval of data in a paperless environment. We find these technologies central to the manner in which we practice.

Courtesy and Respect. We value all people inside and outside the firm with whom we interact – regardless of position, economic status, or education – as entitled to our courtesy, patience, and respect. We are not hierarchical in our internal structure or human interactions. Do not equate these behaviors with softness. To the contrary, as necessary, we are hard and as yielding as steel, all while showing courtesy and respect and demanding it in return.

Diversity. Although limited in number, the firm strives to reflect the diversity of the community.

Giving Back. The firm is dedicated to providing pro bono legal services and otherwise to involvement in and service to the communities in which we practice.

Focused Excellence. Our commitment to excellence arises from our focus on four key perspectives: a big picture orientation, careful attention to detail, the wisdom not to confuse excellence with impractical perfectionism, and caring about what we do.